Yes, The River Knows (tehdamion) wrote,
Yes, The River Knows

trip report, jour 1

The bus day was okay. I woke up with 4 hours sleep at 6:45 and Mom had the brillian idea that I should do lice shampoo then and there, an hour before I had to leave, just in case my sister got it and gave it to me again. After a modicum of stress, I was off and at the bus station.

The bus trip was long and reasonably uneventful. There was a
teenage pair ahead and in front of me, and the only real talkative ones were construction worker snowboarder types in the back that swore compulsively.
So I threw on my headphones and listened to music and read. A lot. Macleans, a weekly newsmagazine, first, then Exclaim, a free canadian music mag. After that, I broke out the serious reading. I finished the end of Book Three of Gulliver's Travels in Hedley, started in on The Tempest and then opened a book I'd bought a few days ago and an electrifying piece of literature: Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland.
The book is about Liz Dunn, a lonely thirty year old woman convinced of her own social inability; morose at times and shut in. An odd person to be sure. Then, the night the Hale-Bopp comet appears in the skies of Vancouver, the hospital calls; there's a guy in makeup and fishnets, he's sick, and he has a Medic Alert bracelet on his forearm that says "In emergency, Contact Liz Dunn." IT IS A MYSTERY.
The book is amazing because Liz does what Douglas Coupland characters do best; reflect in a twisted but human way. I reccomend this book to anyone with eyes.
Click here for an excerpt of the first ten pages. There aren't any chapters, so they couldn't divide it that way. :V
The bus ride wasn't as bad as people often say it is: I read, listened to Stars, Metric, Broken Social Scene, and drew for 6 hours. Not bad at all.
Got to Auntie Marie's in Vancouver, and chilled out there for the night. The chicken took FOREVER to cook. Seriously, it was done at like 10:30. I watched the first episode of the new Top Gear and then went to bed.

Woke up and had some Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches. They were totally good. Don't have any plans for today, but I'm looking for them. =O

EDIT: fixed a few niggling things like 34 hours of sleep instead of 4 and the fact that the post was dated in May :V
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