Yes, The River Knows (tehdamion) wrote,
Yes, The River Knows

trip report: jours deux et trois

Saturday was rather uneventful. Kicked around and hung out with relatives, eventually went on a drive around with those same, came home and ate pizza. Stayed up until 3 AM playing scrabble on :V

Today I got up, dressed, and we headed out. First was dim sum, which was pretty good. After that, we went downtown; It's the Chinese lunar new year, and Chinatown was packed. We wandered around and went into random shops. Jacob was a bit of a handful, but it's okay, because it made it possible for me to have a nice conversation with a cute girl in the trader's shop. =O I bought a Night Before Christmas cellphone case for my sis, and for me I got these decorative oriental partition replicas and a small jade Buddha. I like having one in my room, it's good luck.

After the lengthy trip home on transit, sat and minded the kids for a while. Auntie Marie came home, and is cooking supper, which should be awesome. No other plans tonight, but that's okay. It was a good day. =D
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