Yes, The River Knows (tehdamion) wrote,
Yes, The River Knows

Oh man, I'm posting. On the Internet.

It's been a while, hasn't it? I finished college, which was cool. Brought all my marks up to 70s, but I have less 80s. Oh well. After that, I languished for two weeks swearing up and down I was going to go look for a job other than wendy's but not quite managing it, instead kicking around. XD

Then I went and volunteered at Shakespeare Fest, which was pretty awesome, a good transition year. One of the nights I zipped out with Dad to watch Apostle of Hustle and Memphis at Habitat in Kelowna, which was an awesome show.

The day I came back, I got a message from Taylor saying "dude, pack your bags, we're going to Vancouver." Weeks earlier, I asked Taylor (who I haven't got to hang out with since his liscense was suspended and he moved to kelowna) if he wanted to go to Feist; he said he'd give me a ride to Feist, because he and Kim were going to Virgin Fest in Vancouver. Turns out I gave up on Feist, but I still went, AND I got to go to V-Fest, which was awesome!

In not-awesome news, Sister Lita Camozzi was a friend of the family for a long time. She knew me when I was just a baby, and when she lived in Penticton, I always went over to her house for visits, then she moved around the country to visit other friends, but still sending me a post card every once in a while. I met her again when I saw her last summer, and my Nana and I went and had ice-cream with her. On Thursday, she had a massive stroke and died. I was sad for a while, but I've started to come to terms with it. In the biggest of co-incidences, she randomly sent me some biographies on Copernicus and Galileo and sent me a letter because she was thinking about me finishing college about a month ago, and it arrived at my Nana's house at about the same time as the news. It was an awwww moment. Rest in peace.

I still haven't got a non-wendy's job yet, and I almost got a part in a play but it was canceled. Need to make some money, though (Vancouver drained me), so it's good that I have some shifts tomorrow. I'm writing a travelogue of my adventures, which I'll fling on here when I'm done (because I'm writing it in reverse order so that the freshest things remain fresh, I'll have to wait until it's all done to post it.) Kim, your Boomtown Rats record and whatever the other one is are terrified in my hostage. I'll have to make some crazy plan to come up there, or vice versa.

How have you dudes been, f-list?
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