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I hate when you hear a lyric that's really beautiful and amazing and you go and look it up and it's actually not at all what you thought it was.
I've been listening to Next Train by Miracle Fortress, and I thought this one lyric was:
"I made a truce with my fascinations, I left my cellphone and my feelings with the earth." I looked it up in the booklet, and it actually reads:
"I made a truce with my fascinations, I drilled myself on my dealings with the urge." I like the first one better. :V

I'm now Campus Chair for my student union, woop. I don't know how I'm gonna get my Race and Ethnicity project done by the time it's due (tomorrow) and do my take-home English final for Thursday (You may be as surprised as I am with that). In more relaxing news, our Sociology professor has invited us to her house for fondue! It's been a year and a half in her classes, and she usually does this for her second year students at the end of the year so far as I know, but she's been teaching us a grad-level course in second year, so maybe she felt bad for us? I dunno. I haven't minded the course. Fondue and good company!
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