Yes, The River Knows (tehdamion) wrote,
Yes, The River Knows

apparently I suck at travelogues

but that's okay because nobody's replying anyways

Didn't do much Monday; babysat more and almost went and ate with some goons downtown. I let lack of rides weasel me out of it, though.

Much the same, almost hung out with cakebot_san (Jenelle), cruised around in North Van a bit with my aunt.

Things finally got rolling! I went with my uncle, who is a longshoreman, to the docks to watch them work; they used machines to pick up big sheets of steel that came off bigger boats. =O
After that, I grabbed some Wendy's and successfully navigated the bus system to get me to the Lonsdale Quay; this is where a ferry runs from North Vancouver, a smaller suburb squished up against the mountains, across the Fraser to downtown Vancouver. I took the SkyTrain from there to Broadway, where I met up with Jenelle and we went to the prestigious fashion school she wants to apply to.
After that, we mounted our assault on Kitts Alano. Just as soon as we could find it. (And spell it correctly, i.e. Kitsilano) Once there, we went to Zulu records, where I bought some Stars, Apostle of Hustle, and a vinyl i've never heard of by a band named Wolf Parade. Cost me $64; the stack I walked up to the counter with probably weighed in at $150.
Kitsilano business done, we hopped a bus to UBC, which is easily bigger than Naramata and arguably bigger than Summerland. Overwhelmingly huge! My cell started dying, I began spending my energy frugally. Then back on the bus and to sutaseiu (Stacey)'s place, where we hung out, talked, listened to music, and then watched Shakespeare in Love before finally sleeping. (At 3:30 AM.)

We didn't wake up until 1 PM, at which point I made eggs and we hied out to Surrey to meet Saydool, Stacey's interesting friend. After roaming that mall for a while, we ended up meeting Taylor, another friend of Stacey's, who was having a bad day and so hung out with us. We bused to Gilford, a bigger mall, where we floated around, I bought a soccer jersey, and we ate at Whitespot. (While having the most irreverent conversation ever.) Eventually we went back to Stacey's place, invited some other friends, had some Captain Morgan's (I never usually do much drinking but I held it well) and watched Team America and Robin Hood, Men In Tights. Eventually everyone left and me and Stacey fell asleep again.

Vendredi (friday) tomorrow! It's my cousin's birthday in the morning, and it's waaay too late already. Good night, LJ.
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