Yes, The River Knows (tehdamion) wrote,
Yes, The River Knows

the last two days

Woke up at Stacey's at a far more respectable time, wandered around making myself ready. Had a shower, but no deoderant or toothbrush--I wasn't expecting to stay that long. After confirming plans, I walked out (late) to jump on the SkyTrain to go see Laura in downtown Vancouver.
As I was stupid, though, I fatally forgot to validate my ticket before getting on the train. I wasn't worried, though, because hay, they never check, do they?
So yeah, they did. And just a night after I was having a conversation with Surrey Taylor about how if you leave things to luck they often bite you. >_>
The traffic cop was nice, however, and after a conversation canceled the $173 ticket she was about to write me but gave it to me as a warning. That certainly gave me a shock.
Eventually, I got downtown and met up with Laura, a Naramata Centre friend, and her friend Ella. We wandered around Richards and Robson, saw the Olympic Clock. I'll bug Laura for the picture later. =P
In an American Eagle on Robson, Laura prodded me into buying a polo shirt. Eeeew, polo shirts. I still feel icky, but I dunno. I'll take a pic when I get home.
After wandering around for a while, we took the skytrain back down to Metrotown, a gigantic mall, where Laura and Ella left and I bummed around for a while before going back up to the Quay and meeting Auntie Marie on the other side of the SeaBus. After some driving around for other misc errands, we finally returned to her place with two boxes of Fish 'n Chips. The night was uneventful after that.

I woke up feeling really sick and stuffed. My throat was a bit sore the rest of the week, but I had practically no voice at this point. I wasn't feeling well.
Order of the day was Matthew (cousin)'s 2nd birthday; it was held at Parkgate Community Centre, and was a full scale event with a sausage tray ( 8) ) and full gym access. It wasn't bad, I wandered around and perhaps had a bit too much fun running around. XD
After I got back, I just decided to have a big nap, and did for about 3 hours. Felt better, and just meandered around the house till the end of the night. Packed some--it's the last day!

dimanche partie un
Well, that's it. I'm all packed and I've eaten; in just a while we'll be leaping in the van and heading back to Penticton. It's been a good trip, and to get away, I guess, has really helped. It was nice to see my friends again, although there were some that I missed. I better get back on track for school, which involves rereading the Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Gulliver's Travels book One again. I've got Neverwhere too, so between that and my CDs it should be a decent trip.

See you in Penticton!
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