Yes, The River Knows (tehdamion) wrote,
Yes, The River Knows

A happy conundrum!

So I've gone from "oh god I need a job but cannot find one" to "oh god, I have two or three possibilities which should I choose =OOO"

It's between a bunch of places, all restaurants:
  • Salty's Beach House, which is classy and pirate-esque, but wants to start me in the back, as a cook. They said that eventually I could try and branch out to the front, which is good because I want to try and go bus-to-waiter, but either way it's good money. It's also seriously across the street from the beach.
  • Shades On Main, which, while being not classy at all, will give me bussing. It's right by my house, but pay will probably be not so good.
  • Denny's, which, while being slightly more classy than Shades but not as classy as Salty's, will not give me a front position, also wanting to make me a cook at comparable wages to Salty's. It's also pretty far away from both my house and the beach, which sucks.
  • Boston Pizza, which may or may not hire me at all, but might give me a position out front.
Also, I have a hair cut and a digital camera! =O But I haven't taken any pictures just yet. DUN DUN DUN

EDIT: oh hay, it's June now! sup, June, how's it going? (yes I just personified a month, I AM A REBEL)
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